Sunday, 15 February 2009

Preston Blair Practice

Some Cats foist: Yes I am still unlearning all the limited cartooning I have adopted. Or am I expanding on my drawing skills?

It apparantly takes a while to become a Pro.

I really need to slow down my drawing, I like drawing fast and getting the energy out there on the page.


This is some weird incarnation of George Liqour I did whilst enduring a dull film on the Telly.

I have printed this out and hung it over my work station, I feel soaking this stuff in is important. I have all these great books with amazing images but the rest of the world is decorated with crap, so I have begun scanning stuff I like and printing it to hang about the place. Subconsciously this must help the old thinking equipment reference things I like without me having to find stuff, it may also train the visual globes to recognise good drawing in my own work.

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