Friday, 13 February 2009

Chainey Test - Yawn

I have story boarded a story (no kidding?) sequence for Chainey and have begun to see if I can animate him. I have chosen the yawning shot, constructed the Keys, then have done some inbetweeens to roughly get the movement something like. I bungled together a line tester setup (scanning's for suckers) and here/above is the first test.

Although I have layout paper I do need to buy some animation paper (cheaper resource) and a peg bar (better then paper clips).

What I did purchase however was an A4 LightBox from which seems financially the best option over buying a proper light box (I would really like to build my own animation light box with circular rotatable peg light area). The ace thing about it is it creates a static field or something and the paper clings to the bugger. Another incentive to sensitive souls is it has that light source that stops people getting depressed from sunlight deprivation. I am grinning from ear to ear, especially when I turn it on.

Besides I am not experienced enough to warrent such vast pro expensive equipment such as a light table/box with all the trimmings.

This project is to add extra incentive to my drawing exercises prescribed by John K over at his incredible Blog. I will post some more drawings I have done from Blair's book.

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