Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Fritz Development

He keeps changing on me and so does his personality. I can't quite figure his attitude towards other characters. Is he mean? Crazy? Selfish? A fool? Pleasant. No surely not pleasant.

Daffy is my all time favourite cartoon character. He's pretty much the all time greatest actor, his attitude and ego suit that of someone who really is as good as he thinks he is, but thank goodness he'll never realise it. Daffy is dictated to by his surroundings as much as he dictates his surroundings and the actions of his foes.

I hate characters that show off, and I hate characters that spell out their personality to the audience without ever proving it, don't say it, do it, I'll judge whether you're nuts or wacky or just bloody annoying.

Who is Fritz? Is he a know it all, is he arrogant, blinded by his own aspirartions? What's his voice sound like?

In the 'Disney Illusion of Life' book it says animators apparantly differed on where to start when creating a character, some prefer to act them out first, get the gestures and 'business' sorted. Others want the drawing and design nailed so just looking at them reveals who they really are?

I know what this guy is doing and what he wants. Is that enough to get him sorted?

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