Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Faces, New Sketches...

Some Cats and a bloated Pug. I have recently discovered Ralph Bakshi (bought a book on him and am currently working my way through his Films). I had heard of 'Fritz the Cat' before, but my favourite so far is 'Coonskin'.

I did these pencils last night whilst my tea was cooking. I have gone for the Warner Bros/Daffy Duck torso design and am careful to steer away from drawing him like Sylvester (the whole clown cat thing).

I want this character bauling his head off, I like characters that have a real good cry and let it all out. Basically Daffy when he was high strung, yeah possibly in a Tony Hancock situation.

At the moment all he says is 'I don't wanna!' and cries like a child over nothing. Woah... Just a minute! I think those hilarious Bakshi transvestite characters maybe the source of influence on this cat.

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